Reaching Oneness in Light

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This website provides a portal for anyone desirous of studying the higher teachings written by Jon Whistler, through his contact with Zadore, and wanting to reach the higher level of Oneness in Light and Self, which is the ultimate state of consciousness that one can attain here on Earth.

These teachings are available to everyone seeking enlightenment, peace, and freedom from the illusionary demands of the world.

The purpose of VOLAH is to continue to draw more people, who are seeking to understand the Truth of their being, into the portal of Light and Healing, where they can develop the inner knowledge, attain oneness in Light, and experience the living water of truth that flows to us from eternity.

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To begin your inner journey, download a copy of Jon Whistler's book, 'One Light', from, and read the first Transmissions that were given by Zadore for the freedom of human suffering and illusion.

Then visit our publications page where you can progressively study all the Transmissions and books that will open your consciousness to the understanding and union with your Self and freedom fom all Illusion.

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